Grief Recovery

recoveryWe as a society are taught how to acquire, but there is very little taught regarding how to manage loss. Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss.  Unresolved grief and incomplete recovery from grief can have a lifelong negative effect on one’s capacity for happiness.  Grief is about a broken heart not a broken brain.   This 9 week workshop is designed for those struggling with unresolved grief issues.  It focuses on a series of small and correct action choices made by the griever.  Working both individually and in small groups, every participant takes part in a series of exercises that help them complete their undelivered emotional communications and their accompanying grief.   This process is dynamic and moves with the participant even after completing the workshop.  The tools are available for the participant to use for every loss throughout their lives.  Some participants choose to re-enroll in future workshops so that they can have the support of others as they work through other losses.
To participate please contact us and indicate that you wish to enroll in a Grief Recovery Method Workshop.




The Four Pillars of a Vibrant Marriage

marriageMost people enter marriage filled with love, ecstasy and the highest of hopes.  Yet somewhere along the way the enchantment of marriage turns to disappointment for so many couples.  The purpose of this workshop is to teach you how to build (or rebuild) an enchanting, loving marriage satisfying to both you and your partner.    The workshop covers the Stages of Martial Satisfaction, Personal Responsibility, Honor, Oneness and Shared vision.    Each couple will complete two assessments designed to provide insight into their individual behaviors, motivators, needs, interests and stressors.


This 2 day workshop is for men and women who are currently married or planning to be married.




parentingLife Directions offers a series of workshops focused on providing skills for parents in all phases of their parenting journey.  Workshops address a specific phase of parenting which include:


  • Pre-Parenting: parents explore who they are and consider how their life experiences may impact their parenting styles.
  • Parenting for parents who wish to enhance their skills and consider alternative approaches to effective parenting for toddlers through adolescents.
  • Parenting for parents of adult children.
  • Parenting during and after divorce.