aboutAt Life Directions we recognize that adult individuals have times in their lives when they require a non-judgmental listening ear and a supportive, safe environment in which to tell their story.  As both a counseling and coaching practice we provide help for those who are seeking relief from overwhelming life challenges and problems, as well as those who may not require therapy but are seeking a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.


Individual Counseling is provided in a supportive, authentic, nonjudgmental environment.  We believe that most adults have the ability to break free of their fears, anxieties, low-self- esteem, and their self-limiting thoughts and behaviors.   We support our clients in their quest for a life that is different, better and more aligned with the life they envision for themselves.   Each client is treated based on their individual goals and needs.   All clients are assured of a confidential and empathetic environment.


Our individual counseling approach begins with gathering information that will help us understand the client’s underlying problems, including family influences and childhood experiences and any other current obstacles to their growth well-being  Our goal is to provide the client with tools that will enhance their life’s journey, strengthen their resilience and promote personal growth and serenity.


We are learning that many of our life challenges, sadness and drama are based in loss.  Many adults are not aware that any type of loss needs to be grieved.  When loss occurs and there is incomplete grief it can have a lifelong effect on an individual’s capacity for joy and peace.  Loss is defined not only as the death of someone significant, but any loss. Loss occurs in many areas in our lives such as career, financial, health, childhood abuse and neglect each of these losses can cause broken-heartedness resulting in unresolved and incomplete grief.   To support individuals struggling with unresolved grief issues, Life Directions offers a Grief Recovery Method Workshop.  While the Grief Recovery Method provides support it goes further by facilitating a series of actionable activities that foster recovery and completion of the pain and heartbreak that accompany the participant’s loss and grief.


We recognize that not all clients are seeking therapy and for these clients we offer Life Strategy Coaching.  Coaching is a powerful one-on-one relationship designed to engage willing clients in a deep and honest exploration of their goals and the actions required to accomplish them. While a great deal of coaching relates to professional endeavors, coaching can also help a client reach goals within their personal life.  Coaching allows for clarity of vision, self-discovery and the effective management of key moments or holdbacks.  We utilize the Birkman Method for the initial assessment.  This assessment provides a wealth information that can be used to explore motivators, interest, stressors and career possibilities.


CWA_320x240Caryn W. Ayers is the owner of Life Directions.  Caryn began Life Directions in 2006 as a coaching and business consulting practice.  With the completion of her Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling she incorporated counseling into the practice.   She holds a license in Professional Counseling from the State of Texas.  She is also a Board Certified Life Strategy Coach and a Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist.  In addition she is a Certified Birkman Consultant.  As a trained Bethel Bible teacher and former Lay Chaplain she is able to support those clients who wish to incorporate their Christian beliefs as part of their quest for wholeness and excellence.


Caryn has 30 years of business experience which she obtained in the healthcare industry. This knowledge is integrated with her training and education in support of her coaching clients and when appropriate for her counseling clients.